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Thecus N5810 PRO NAS Review

Today Leo looks at the Thecus N5810 PRO NAS which is fully loaded, and even ships with a battery in case of power failure at the mains. Read full review here:
Geoff Halsey : I've got one of these as a home server. You are right about the stock fan, really annoying. Fortunately, Noctua has a near silent, rubber mounted replacement. However, those drive trays vibrate too, which can be cured with packing foam behind drive bay latches. Out of interest, I did boot it up with Open Media Vault, which recognised the existing raid setup, but as it's just used as a home media server via Plex the OS is irrelevant and so I stayed with OS7. It's good enough. Incidently, I've looked for a tutorial video for OS7 and there doesn't seem to be one?
Barry Marshall : Thanks Leo for a good overview of the Thecus and not wasting time.  I just bought one and am setting it up.  Current issue is that RDP connection to it gives a rather small window - hard to read on a 4k monitor. The way to use the two Ethernet ports to increase speed, the duplication prevention and antivirus will be interesting.
7Ameer7 : hey Leo nice vid, thanks for the review :) ....
listen I wanted to ask if you can do a review for the new 8tb WD My Book external hdd (not the Due models)... I believe it has some interesting story, I've read that WD has put the super-fast Hitachi 8tb helium hdd inside the enclosure! (well at least they did so with the earlier models)...
So it would be awesome if you do a professional review for it, I mean to check its writing and reading speeds, and to see whether it is possible to play heavy games directly from this hhd or not....
and by the way, I've searched all of YouTube for a review about it, and to my surprise all I could find was ONLY two amateur reviews!!!

please reply to me, I'm waiting for your answer...

Thecus N2350 Installing Hard drives and setting up RAID 1

Cheap but power NAS server Thecus N2350
good nice for use in home or small office with 1GBs,

Embedded with Marvell Armada Dual Core CPU
Running on the newly-designed, enhanced ThecusOS™ 7.0
Uninterrupted Accessibility with Thecus System Failover
Mobile Access with Thecus Connect and
Cloud Service Backup with Amazon S3
RAID Support (0,1 and JBOD)
Plex Media Support
Robert Simonovic : This is the biggest shit
Visionery1 : is the IP of my ADSL router, assigned via DHCP. Can the Thecus be configured manually?
Romgenas : А что ж ты, лабусёнок, не показал скорость передачи на планшетку?:) И как оно работает при одновременном просмотре, допустим, видео на четырёх разных устройствах?:))
Ted Swimerr : mostly a worthless video with robot voice
MegaAdvocate : Like from me. ))
Thecus N2350 Unboxing and review on Russian

Unboxing the £180 4-Bay Thecus N4350 Cost Effective DDR4 and Dual Core 4-Bay NAS Video

The Smart Home NAS to Connect and Secure Your Life

Embedded with Intel Marvell Armada Dual Core CPU
Running on the newly-designed, enhanced ThecusOS™ 7.0
Uninterrupted Accessibility with Thecus System Failover
Mobile Access with Thecus Connect and
Cloud Service Backup with Amazon Z3
RAID Support (RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and JBOD)
Plex Media Support
Multiple RAID
When it comes to data management, Thecus NAS truly let you have it your way. Create multiple RAID volumes each supporting different RAID modes including RAID 0, 1 and JBOD for your own balance of performance and data protection. Should a hard drive malfunction occur, changing one is simple thanks to online RAID migration and expansion, hot spare, and auto rebuild.

Have easy access to your NAS via Dynamic DNS (DDNS), this allows users to allocate and access their NAS files via the internet remotely. Since IP digits are often difficult to remember, domain names are utilized to make NAS management much more convenient. When the IP address is changed, the DDNS server will automatically adjust the IP address to make sure that remote access is always available. In short, DDNS provides convenient remote internet access to your Thecus® N2310 by utilizing domain names instead of IP digits.

Cloud Backup
The private and public clouds meet with Thecus’ new DropBox, Amazon S3 and ElephantDrive cloud backup functionality! Guard your data with RAID at home and an additional level of protection in the Cloud. Just drag and drop files into the folder on your NAS and access them on any computer or mobile device with DropBox, Amazon S3 or ElephantDrive.

Thecus’ innovative hardware helps prevent failures. But sometimes you have to protect the NAS against itself. Adding an antivirus to the already comprehensive software bundle will provide the necessary software protection by scanning the files on your NAS and defending it against possible threats. McAfee is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company and shares Thecus’ spirit of dedication and quality. By establishing a strong partnership with them, Thecus will allow users the benefit of McAfee’s powerful software on their NAS entirely for free.

USB 3.0 Connectivity
The next generation of connectivity is here with speeds 10x faster than USB 2.0. Whether connecting digital cameras and smart phones, backing up large external hard drives, or extending the capacity of your NAS, USB 3.0 will make sure it's done in no time at up to 5 Gbit/s. Backwards compatibility adds the connectivity of a world full of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices to get the best combination of speed and universal access.

Multiple File Systems
Support for multiple file systems including , EXT4 and XFS, gives Thecus NAS flexibility to handle many different types of environments. Users can simultaneously use different file systems across multiple RAID volumes to get the best of each one.

iSCSI Thin-Provisioning
Get the most out of your storage space with the extreme speed of iSCSI and the efficiency of iSCSI thin provisioning. Connect through iSCSI for the fastest data transfer speeds available and make wasted disk space a thing of the past with thin provisioning's flexible storage functionality.

User Quota
Divide the massive storage of a Thecus NAS among multiple users. Whether there are two users or 100, User Quota make it easy to divvy up and manage disk space.
gavalmart : Hi. Excellent channel and excellent review. I have a question regarding this brand. Do you know is there an app/package amongst all the included software on this NAS that does dual synching (like Dropbox)? Synology has Cloudstation and Netgear has Sync. Does Thecus have it own Synching app?
Neil van Heerden : Hi. I've got a question that I'd really appreciate any feedback on. Could this NAS also serve as a VPN server, or would I have to use a PC to grant remote access via VPN to the network?
Trivina Negzerial W. : Hey mate, I saw this Nas Drive is the cheapest on the market so far. Which is great because my budget is limited. I'm planning on picking one up from Best Buy today and giving it a go. But thank you for this video and all the information about this brand.
nauidivin : Would love to see a review of this unit Any chance that will happen?
Kenny Holland : Are you ok rob hmm ?? :(




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